Kat says, “Hi!”

Hi guys.

Kat here. Jim has asked me to say a few words for this blog post. I’ll start by letting a pic of me do all the talking.


So that’s me above. Hot as hell don’t you agree. So you all know quite a bit from the stories that you can read about me, my father, and our new kinky slut on the White Production site located here, or you can purchase the chapters here.

All I can say is keep on reading to find more.

Lots of kisses. Kat Penn.

Annie’s first blog post


I guess I’m supposed to tell you about me and some of our stuff. Oh, yeah, I’m Annie and I guess I’m sorta well known from my modeling career and the White Productions videos that I star in. If ya wanna know more about me, then you can go read the my story at the White Store by clicking here or you can join our members area by clicking here.

The story is about how I got started in modeling and got into porn and all the totally rad, hot sex stuff you’ll read about. There are also some kewl stories from two writers’ that are really really kinky. You’ll love ‘em.

So read all about me and my family and my friends. You’re gonna be so turned on you’ll b cumming in no time.

Love from

Annie Brooks and friends.

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